What Should I Read Next?

Greetings fellow culture vultures!

I’ve been gone for a few weeks, getting ready for my very first gallery show under constant (self-induced) stress. My ever-loving, ever-patient husband Ken kept watch over the bookstore while I freaked out in the living room/workroom flinging art stuff all over the place, having tantrums, and making an incredible mess.

But at last it got done (with the help of that self-same cheerfully competent husband). Somehow stuff that you think of as impossible does pull together and on the day it has to be done it IS SOMEHOW DONE. I guess I could call that the Project Runway Syndrome; you know, when it’s ten minutes to runway & the designer is standing there screaming despite all the pins in his mouth but his model makes it to the runway nevertheless. It must be magic.

Anyway, all this time I was reading. I can’t NOT be reading something or other. I read horror stories to help me sleep at night (this worked well). Now I’m ready for something huge & engrossing to take me through the rest of the winter. There are a LOT of thick books I could choose that are waiting for me on the shelf, waving their little book-arms and yelling “Me next! You promised you’d get to ME  next!” etc.

Well, what shall it be? A Suitable Boy? Our Mutual Friend (my one remaining unread Dickens novel, except for Pickwick which I can’t get through no matter how hard I try. Sorry, Boz.)? Frank Norris’ The Pit? Mann’s The Magic Mountain? Or one of Simon Schama’s magninficent displays of learning and wit? So many choices.

But for the rest of today, folks, I’m just going to recuperate from yesterday’s festivities. If anyone is interested in my artsy pursuits, you are more than welcome to check out my other wordpress blog, http://howtobeastarvingartist.wordpress.com/

Meanwhile, maybe I’ll just take to my bed & leaf through one of those 1000 Books You Must Read doorstoppers. Maybe something will jump out at me. Or (and here’s a good idea) maybe I should just browse through my own bookstore and see something lurking that I’d forgot I ever shelved & which is the perfect choice right now.

Furthur! See you next week, I hope!


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