Snow Day

Our bookstore hasn’t had a Snow Day in all the 16 years we’ve been in Deerfield, at least not until this weekend, when Little Nemo became Huge Nemo. Massachusetts residents weren’t allowed to drive at all for some hours yesterday. Then people who lived to the west of 91 got the go-ahead. Unfortunately,  we’re a few blocks to the *east* of this highway, so we were still stuck for a while. Not that we were all that eager to go out for a drive anyway. Yesterday after the plows had gone through and Ken had shoveled out our sidewalk, we decided: Oh, what the heck, no way anyone’s going anywhere today — and we closed the bookstore door. As bad as it may have seemed to us, our storm was nothing compared to what our friends to the east and south of us had to endure. We got 15-16″ while some coastal areas had more than three feet of heavy snow dumped on them.

Today we’re once again open. It just feels *right* to be open. A good thing, too, since we’ve had some customers who managed to negotiate their way through the mess outside and into the shop. Book people, I must say, are hardy people and we surely do appreciate the fact that they do seem to visit us in all kinds of weather.

Best wishes to my fellow New Englanders. Hope everyone is snug and well supplied, and if you’re still without power may you regain it very soon!


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